Amanda Henderson| Ph.D Candidate | Ecology and Evolution | Trophic Interactions

Welcome to my homepage!  I am currently a PhD Candidate and Bridge to the Doctorate Fellow working with David H. Wise at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Department of Biological Sciences. I completed my Bachelor’s in Enivronmental Science with Liam Heneghan at DePaul University. I am extremely excited to be studying the structure of soil microarthropod communities.

My research investigates how changes in the microbial resource base alters the taxonomic composition and tropic structure of the soil microarthropod (mites, Collembolan, small spiders, pseudo scorpions, etc.) community; particularly its impact on patterns of energy flow. I am interested in utilizing molecular techniques such as PCR coupled with stable isotopes to understand these trophic interactions in soil food webs.

Currently I am focused on changes in the taxonomic structure of microarthropods along a microbial resource gradient in three forest in central Indiana.